Touch Newsletter #118

Welcome to the 118th Touch Newsletter, the last of 2014. Here we present a round-up of our releases this year on Touch, Ash International and The Tapeworm.

Touch will present a new series of publications in 2015 - called FOLIO - they are hard back book releases, commencing with a photography/sound collaboration between Josephine Michel & Mika Vainio. An underexposed duel between lightness and darkness, this first FOLIO title “Halfway to White” is a polyphony of 33 still life images and a 60 minute compact disc. Further FOLIO editions will follow throughout 2015 and 2016.

Banner photo credit: Josephine Michel, "Halfway to White" [detail], Touch Folio 001

Also coming in the first part of 2015, a new album from Biosphere & Deathprod: “Stator”, which will be released on vinyl, download and compact disc (est. March) with the LP an example of 'enhanced vinyl' as a format. And a new series of download only audio-visual editions beginning with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay’s “DecomposingLandscape” and Simon Scott’s “Below Sea Level” continue the online drama.

The Tapeworm returns next year with tapes from: Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander's new duo Saturn and the Sun; BJNilsen's Morthound project, recorded live in Berlin; a tape from Black Spirituals, produced especially for their support slot on 2015's Earth tour; and, "ZA86" - apartheid South Africa, 1986, through the headphones of a young radio reporter, edited from 9 cassettes unlocked from the Turnstyle News archive. Also (still) in production, Bookworm books by Stefan Goldmann and Stefan Fähler. More news on all these editions soon…

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Touch and Ash International now have their own YouTube channels, where you can stream audio (and the occasional video) of many selections from the Touch catalogue, including some previously unavailable in any digital format. Please subscribe to Touch here and to Ash International here.

2014 Roundup

A roundup of of 2014's editions from Touch, Ash International and The Tapeworm, available in the TouchShop (if not available, they are not listed). You can subscribe to Touch in the TouchShop, and choose which releases you want in advance, along with a 10% discount…

Fennesz - Venice [DLP + Download]

Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJNilsen - I Am Here [Vinyl album + download]

Hildur Gudnadottir - Saman [Vinyl LP + full album download]

Hildur Gudnadottir - Saman [CD + full album download]

Jacaszek & Kwartludium - Catalogue des Arbres [CD + full album download]

Thomas Ankersmit - Figueroa Terrace [CD + zipped download bonus track]

Achim Mohné - Accelerated Standstill [Vinyl album + 320 kbps MP3]

Chris Watson - Stepping into the Dark [Zipped aiff file]

Jana Winderen - Out of Range [zipped wav file]

Thomas Koner & Jana Winderen - Cloître [zipped wav file]

Where is This – Infinite Hum [Cassette]

Osman Arabi – Destroying Symmetry [Cassette]

Graham Dowdall - Outside Broadcast [Cassette]

Michael Muennich - Schamprozessionen [Cassette]

Spire - Live in Bergen [Cassette]

CM von Hausswolff - Dark 80ies [Cassette]

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian - Two Warhol's Worth [Cassette]

Antifluffy featuring Bruce Geduldig - Before Before Surgery [Cassette]

Television Set - Emma Hauck's Letters [Cassette]

Paul H Williams - Aeroforms [Cassette]

Bunch of Fives - illustrated by Savage Pencil [T-Shirt]

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