Touch Newsletter #130

Welcome to the 130th Touch Newsletter. Jacaszek & Kwartludium "Catalogue des Arbres" is now available on Vinyl LP with download code. Order in the TouchShop.

There are two Touch live events in California in September… Initial details below, more to follow.

On the evening of 14th July at Echo Bücher in Berlin, Stefan Goldmann and Stefan Fähler present their two new Bookworm books. Fähler’s artwork will be on the shop’s walls, and Goldmann will be in conversation with The Tapeworm. More info about the event can be found on Facebook.

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GRAM1501 | Jacaszek & Kwartludium "Catalogue des Arbres"

Vinyl LP - 180 gram + download code - 6 tracks

"…and the trees, like earth's wistful sighs to the sky." K. Janiszewska

Track listing:
A1. Sigh (Les peupliers)
A2. A book of lake (Roselière)
A3. Garden (Les sureaux)
B1. From a seashell
B2. Circling (Le pré)
B3. Kingdom (Les chênes, les bouleaux)

For the past decade or so, Polish musician Michal Jacaszek has been exploring a new, resolutely modern chapter in Eastern Europe’s long, storied love affair with classical music. His creations are painstakingly crafted collages of electronic textures and baroque instrumentation, harpsichords being swarmed by woolly static one minute and pulled apart by billowing wind the next. A push-and-pull tension runs deep and constant throughout. Ambient music is rarely so sonically challenging. Jacaszek has recorded for Ghostly International, Miasmah, Gusstaff Records and Experimedia and other labels. This is his first release for Touch.

Michał Jacaszek writes:
"When poets and writers declare their enchantment for the forms of nature, they often use musical terms as methaphors. Visual artists' creations often resemble graphic partitas, when recapturing the rhythms of landscapes.Confirming, in a way, these musical intuitions, composers write great music deeply inspired by birdsongs, wind rustlings, waves repetitions etc.

Making "Cataloguge des Arbres”, my ambition was to join this broad artistic movement devoted to natural phenomena and find my own way to describe trees: their forms, atmosphere and mystery. I have started with "open air" recordings, capturing mainly leaves'' rustlings - from different distances, in different locations and weather conditions. This collection of nature recordings was transformed into a kind of "organic drone" and becomes a main background for instrumental and voice improvisations. My initial inspiration here was Olivier Messiaen's' bird songs transcriptions for piano – the composer's work title "Catalogue d'Oiseaux" I have paraphrased on my album . A piano, clarinets, violin and percussion parts, performed by the Kwartludium ensemble, were electronically processed, and afterwards all this electro-acoustic material was turned into a collection of 8 soundscapes - forgotten songs performed secretly by my beloved trees."

Composed, recorded and produced by Michał Jacaszek | additional composing and all instrumental parts performed by Kwartludium | Voice parts (tracks 1, 8) performed by 441 Hz chamber choir | Additional clarinet parts (tracks 2, 3) performed by Andrzej Wojciechowski Grand piano recorded by Cezary Joczyn at Gdańsk Academy of Music

Kwartludium are Dagna Sadkowska: violin | Michał Górczyński: clarinet, bass clarinet | Paweł Nowicki: percussion | Piotr Nowicki: grand piano

Pre-order Jacaszek & Kwartludium "Catalogue des Arbres" [LP] in the TouchShop
…also available on CD

Touch live in California, September 2015

Resonant Forms
September 11 - 13, 2015
(Tickets on sale before July end)

6522 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Friday September 11

Simon Scott
Bethan Parkes
Jen Boyd
Touch "Live Mix"

[September 12th Room40 label night]

Saturday, September 19 at 3:00pm
Magazine A-168 on Mare Island
Railroad Ave and Mercado Ct.,
San Francisco, CA 94592

Re:Sound + 23five present an afternoon of Touch

Simon Scott
Steve Roden
Mark Van Hoen
Touch "Live Mix"

+ Screening of the Fennesz/Wozencroft film "Liquid Music"

Tickets -
ReSound on Facebook
Event on Facebook

Doors at 3pm, Screening of Liquid Music at 3:30.

TTW#78 | Saturn and the Sun “Harsh Realities, Broken Bones and Skull Tones”

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Illustration – SavX

Four untitled tracks, 38mins

Saturn and the Sun is a new duo for electronic and psychic tension comprising Gothenburg residents Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander. As core members of ritual rock band The Skull Defekts, they have toured the world during the past years and have released a hot line of records. As Saturn and the Sun, their common interest in harsh electronic music and deep drones is their focus.

Nordwall has run the iDEAL Recordings label since 1998 and can also be found collaborating with people like Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson and Mark Wastell (as Oceans of Silver & Blood).

Rylander is a crime scene photographer, conceptual artist and used to be the beat of dangerous garage rock group Union Carbide Productions.

Buy Saturn and the Sun “Harsh Realities, Broken Bones and Skull Tones” in the TouchShop
More information on
Saturn and the Sun on Facebook

TBW#02 | Stefan Goldmann “Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound”

220pp paperback book, 110mm x 171mm
First edition: industrially-sized…

Produced between and 1.iv.2015 in London and Berlin by The Tapeworm.

Copy editor: Gerard Forde. Thanks to Sandra Jasper and Finn Johannsen. Typeset in Antwerp by Allon Kaye using Aldine 401, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Miso.

Cover illustration by Michael Kummermehr, pixelated by SG.

Take a look inside the book…

For his first book, “Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound”, Stefan Goldmann has talked to industry leaders, programmers, producers, musicians and fine artists to collect a comprehensive description of the world of preset audio: from synthesis to sample libraries, from instrument emulations and gear cloning to automated composition and performance – short cuts in electronic music, classical and traditional musics, guitar rock & fine arts are covered. Disruptive gear and iconic presets, their background and impact – from Korg’s M1, Yamaha’s DX7 and Roland’s 909 to Ableton Live, Native Instruments Reaktor, Sidechain compression and Auto-Tune – are discussed with unprecedented depth and clarity.

Featuring interviews with:

Robert Henke a.k.a. Monolake
musician, lecturer & co-founder Ableton, Berlin

Mike Daliot
former senior audio developer Native Instruments & lecturer at Universität der Künste, Berlin

Michael Wagener
multi-platinum music producer & engineer, Nashville

Cory Arcangel
fine artist, New York

Dinis Schemann
pianist, Munich

Members of the Korg M1 product development team:
Tomoko Itoh & Junichi Ikeuchi, Inagi

Tony Stevanovski
arranger, Sofia

Dimitar Kotev
musician, Sandanski

+ introductory essay and glossary by Stefan Goldmann.


Stefan Goldmann is an electronic music artist and DJ. Together with Finn Johannsen he runs the Macro label, whose artists include Elektro Guzzi, KiNK and Peter Kruder. He also writes a column for the flyer program of Berlin's Berghain club and is a co-author of its upcoming book, “Berghain 10”. In 2014 he released “Industry”, an album based exclusively on presets.

Buy Stefan Goldmann “Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound” in the TouchShop
More information on
“An Evening of Several Stefans”, Berlin, 14th July

TBW#03 | Stefan Fähler “Zahntasia”

80pp paperback book, 110mm x 171mm
Limited edition of 150 copies

Produced between 05.vii.2012 and 1.vii.2013 in São Joao, São Paulo, Antwerp, Berlin and London by Stefan Fähler and The Tapeworm.

Stefan Fähler used pencils, nail polish remover, trashy Xerox machines and gold paint in the creation of this book.

Take a look inside the book…

The Bookworm presents – with a wide grin – the first book by Stefan Fähler. Its title, “Zahntasia”, inflects the name of Walt Disney’s 1940 animated masterpiece with the German word for “tooth” (“Zahn”), and accordingly, it depicts a psychedental journey starring an anthropomorphic molar who suddenly gets popped out of his daily grind. Across 80 black-and-white pages, our toothy protagonist is whisked into a world of sticky indulgence, sweet romance and confectionary hallucinations. Seeing as there’s no text, the plot welcomes the viewer’s own interpretation, but it seems that just like Dorothy, this displaced tooth finds the way back to his roots.

Stefan Fähler created the images during an artist residency in Brazil, as well as in Belgium and his home base of Berlin. To complement his pencil drawings – adding some extra texture where necessary – he also utilized nail polish remover and a rickety, nearly obsolete Xerox machine. Although the story is told purely in pictures, Fähler’s dentist has provided a written introduction emphasizing the importance of caring for your chompers. This book makes a charming addition to any waiting room, a trusty companion for your next acid trip or the perfect gift for that magical wingèd lady who leaves cash under your pillow.


Stefan Fähler is a freelance art director and illustrator working primarily in the music and film industries. He has designed gig posters for performers like Ariel Pink, Baths, Death Grips, Lætitia Sadier, Merzbow, Mykki Blanco, Mogwai, Wolf Eyes, Shonen Knife and album artwork for Leslie Winer, Marina Gasolina and Damo Suzuki.

He painted the graphic titles for Oscar-nominated documentary about Sebastião Salgado, “The Salt of the Earth”, by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, 2014. He has directed music videos for the likes of Mediengruppe Telekommander and Heatsick, for whom he won an award for “Best International Music Video” at Leeds International Film Festival, 2014.

Fähler’s work can be seen in publications, exhibitions and festivals around the globe including Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Cannes, Milan, Sydney, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and Basel.

Buy Stefan Fähler “Zahntasia” in the TouchShop
More information on
“An Evening of Several Stefans”, Berlin, 14th July

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