Touch Newsletter #138

Welcome to the 138th Touch Newsletter. Now on pre-order, a new Tapeworm tape from Ken Hollings. The three tracks that make up his “Works for Magnetic Tape” audiocassette release reflect his interest in how written text differs from spoken word. What makes them so distinct from each other – and what happens when one is translated into the other? Shipping mid-December.

A new Savage Pencil-illustrated T-shirt is now available to pre-order too. It has been produced in celebration of The Tapeworm’s “Worm Leatherette” night on 10th December at OHM Berlin, featuring Sleeparchive, Finn Johannsen and Philip Marshall playing “the best fucking music ever.” Details below…

On the 4th December, also in Berlin, Stefan Goldmann workshops music for his forthcoming opera collaboration in a special concert at BKA, with The Tapeworm in support. Further information in German can be found on the event’s Facebook page. Stefan’s acclaimed “Presets” book for The Bookworm is now in its third edition, with a none more black cover and available from 1st December.

TTW#81 | Ken Hollings “Works For Magnetic Tape”

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Illustration – SavX

Track listing
A: There Must Be Something Wrong With This, Sally
B1: Ideas Are One Thing, And What Happens Is Another
B2: Parasitic Infestation

Ken Hollings is a writer based in London. He is the author of the books “Destroy All Monsters” (Marion Boyars), “Welcome to Mars” and “The Bright Labyrinth” (both available from Strange Attractor Press); and his work has appeared in numerous journals, catalogues and anthologies. He has written and presented critically acclaimed programmes for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, and Resonance 104.4 FM. He has presented work at the Royal Institution, Tate Britain, Wellcome Institute, the Berlin Akademie der Künste and the Venice Biennale.

The three tracks that make up his “Works for Magnetic Tape” audiocassette release reflect his interest in how written text differs from spoken word. What makes them so distinct from each other – and what happens when one is translated into the other?

The text for “There Must Be Something Wrong With This, Sally” first appeared in volume 19 issue 4 of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac. This version features electronic backgrounds and interludes by Mark O. Pilkington. “Ideas Are One Thing, And What Happens Is Another” was commissioned in 2012 to celebrate the centenary of John Cage’s birth. It contains personal memories of Hollings’ time with Cage, its title being a line from one of his early lectures. Graham Massey of 808 State supplied the backgrounds for this reading as well producing and editing the final mix. The readings for both of these tracks were recorded by Simon James of the Simonsound at the old BBC radio studios in Brighton. “Parasitic Infestation” was written as an introduction to The Art of Worms, documenting the cover art for The Tapeworm’s first twenty-five audiocassette releases. The book was launched at a special event “Worm Eats Bear” in 2011 at the Bear Pit in London, where this reading of his essay was recorded live.

Pre-order Ken Hollings “Works For Magnetic Tape” in the TouchShop
More information on
Read the “Parasitic Infestation” essay

“Worm Leatherette” | OHM Berlin, 10th December 2015

On 10th December 2015, The Tapeworm presents a night of the best fucking music ever, at OHM Berlin.

Köpenicker Str. 70,
10179 Berlin

From 22h00, €5 on the door

Your DJs for the night:
Roger Semsroth [Sleeparchive, worked at Hardwax]
Finn Johannsen [Macro, works at Hardwax]
Philip Marshall [The Tapeworm, has never worked at Hardwax]

What to expect? Read more…
Download an electronic flyer here [.pdf]
Facebook event page
Resident Advisor event page

TTS#04 | Savage Pencil “Worm Leatherette” T-shirt

To commemorate The Tapeworm’s "Worm Leatherette" club night at OHM Berlin, 10th December 2015, the one and only Savage Pencil has drawn up a new black-on-white T-shirt.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Printed in black ink on a Fruit of the Loom Super Premium in white.

Front illustration: Center Chest, 20cm wide
Back type below neck

Pre-order Savage Pencil “Worm Leatherette” T-shirt in the TouchShop

TBW#02 | Stefan Goldmann “Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound”

220pp paperback book, 110mm x 171mm
Third edition: black cover.

Produced between and 1.iv.2015 in London and Berlin by The Tapeworm.

Copy editor: Gerard Forde. Thanks to Sandra Jasper and Finn Johannsen. Typeset in Antwerp by Allon Kaye using Aldine 401, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Miso.

Cover illustration by Michael Kummermehr, pixelated by SG.

Take a look inside the book…

For his first book, “Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound”, Stefan Goldmann has talked to industry leaders, programmers, producers, musicians and fine artists to collect a comprehensive description of the world of preset audio: from synthesis to sample libraries, from instrument emulations and gear cloning to automated composition and performance – short cuts in electronic music, classical and traditional musics, guitar rock & fine arts are covered. Disruptive gear and iconic presets, their background and impact – from Korg’s M1, Yamaha’s DX7 and Roland’s 909 to Ableton Live, Native Instruments Reaktor, Sidechain compression and Auto-Tune – are discussed with unprecedented depth and clarity.

Featuring interviews with:

Robert Henke a.k.a. Monolake
musician, lecturer & co-founder Ableton, Berlin

Mike Daliot
former senior audio developer Native Instruments & lecturer at Universität der Künste, Berlin

Michael Wagener
multi-platinum music producer & engineer, Nashville

Cory Arcangel
fine artist, New York

Dinis Schemann
pianist, Munich

Members of the Korg M1 product development team:
Tomoko Itoh & Junichi Ikeuchi, Inagi

Tony Stevanovski
arranger, Sofia

Dimitar Kotev
musician, Sandanski

+ introductory essay and glossary by Stefan Goldmann.


Stefan Goldmann is an electronic music artist and DJ. Together with Finn Johannsen he runs the Macro label, whose artists include Elektro Guzzi, KiNK and Peter Kruder. He also writes a column for the flyer program of Berlin's Berghain club and is a co-author of its recent book, “Berghain 10”. In 2014 he released “Industry”, an album based exclusively on presets.

Available from 1st December at
More information on

TouchLine 5 | Aino Tytti “Millennium Mills”

Digital Download - 8 tracks (FLAC & mp3) - 43:20
17pp PDF booklet of photographs and text

Photography by Daniel Benson
Text by Robert Barry from The Quietus

Track listing
1. Observations from the nightwatch hut, late November
2. These halls which used to breathe and sing
3. England’s last lies ruined
4. Silo D
5. Waxing gibbous shines on the black king’s wharf (for Chrissie)
6. First light, crepuscular loculus
7. All that which was once lost
8. A requiem for Silvertown

You can hear a extract here by clicking here.

Over the last 12 months, the Greater London Authority has granted Aino Tytti unrestricted access to The Millennium Mills, a vast and decaying derelict mill site in London's docklands. The mills were decommissioned over 30 years ago and have since been left to decay and decompose, while all around it has been the focus of extensive urban regeneration. The building has long been a personal fascination for the artist, not only because of the field recording opportunities that such an epic scale of crumbling industrial architecture offers, but also as it stands as such an emotive statement on decay and regeneration in society.

The project focuses on taking a series of field recordings within the mills, then using these recordings in post-composition to create a series of sound pieces. Traditional air mics were used, alongside more experimental recording techniques and equipment such as contact mics, geophones and hydrophones. This allowed harmonics, patterns, textures and resonances in the building and structural foundations to be revealed that wouldn’t ordinarily be heard by the ear.

Buy Aino Tytti “Millennium Mills” [download] in the TouchShop

TO:98V | Philip Jeck “Cardinal”

Vinyl Gatefold 2xLP + full album download, and a free download of Philip Jeck “Live in Caen”, recorded by Franck Dubois on 28th February 2015 at Impressions Multiples #4 (ésam Caen/Cherbourg), with thanks to Thierry Weyd.

Photography and artwork by Jon Wozencroft
Cut by Jason at Transition

Track listing:
Side 1.
Saint Pancras
Barrow in Furness (open thy hand wide)
Reverse Jersey
Side 2.
…bend the knee 1
Called In
Side 3.
Broke Up
…bend the knee 5
Called Again
Side 4.
And Over Again
The Station View
Saint Pancras (the one that holds everything)

"Oh my god this is good!!!” [Boomkat, UK]

"Philip Jeck’s music is both immediate and intangible. Partly this is due to the source material: salvaged vinyl records, used despite (indeed because of) their numerous degradations, which are processed and filtered through effects until they achieve new, unexpected rhythms, melodies and structures. By looping and assembling these faded relics, as well as combining them with other instruments, Jeck has over the last 20 years amassed a potent body of work that lingers in the space between noise, drone and ambient, always beautiful but often fleeting, as crackles and hiss briefly reveal the ghosts of what once was. Cardinal, his first album since 2010’s seminal An Ark for the Listener, continues in the vein of his previous releases, and indeed can be seen as the most exemplary encapsulation since Stoke in 2002... Because of the tools he uses, and the results they produce, Philip Jeck has often been lumped in with the “hauntology” non-scene of the last few years, regardless of the fact that he’s been doing this for decades. It possibly has something to do with his involvement in recent productions of that most ghostly of modern compositions, Gavin Bryars’ The Sinking of the Titanic and occasional similarities with another English eccentric, The Caretaker. Either way, it’s a disservice to Jeck whose work is too esoteric, too personal and too complex to belong to any genre. He’s an artist who stands alone, patiently sending us communiqués from lost and imagined lands. Thank you, Philip.” [Dusted, USA]

“...sometimes ominous and always gorgeous elegies for decayed sound.” [Aquarius, USA]

Buy Philip Jeck “Cardinal” [2xLP + download] in the TouchShop

Guerrilla Audio

Guerrilla Audio is a new series of audio raids by Simon Fisher Turner.

noun: guerilla
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.

Each audio edit will be posted for 14 days and then removed from the site, although the information about each guerrilla activity will be archived, but without the audio. There will be two postings per month with the first (also featuring Klara Lewis & Rainier Lericolais) on 1st August 2015, so please check in regularly to listen to the latest offering.

Guerrilla Audio

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