Touch Newsletter #180

Welcome to the Touch Newsletter #180. On 16 May The Tapeworm returns to Paloma, Berlin – Dale Cornish and Phil Julian perform live sets, both solo and as a duo. Entr’acte’s Allon Kaye is the DJ.

A reminder of two preorders, both shipping on 18 May 2018… On CD and available from our Bandcamp page, “Semper Liber” by The Eternal Chord, featuring Marcus Davidson, Hildur Gudnadottir, Mike Harding, Charles Matthews, Clare M Singer, Maia Urstad and Anna von Hausswolff. On limited edition vinyl, a split release from Marta De Pascalis and Howlround is now available to preorder in the TouchShop. A WAV download is offered when purchasing the vinyl from the TouchShop.

Two new tapes by Matthew Mullane and Yol are now available from

16.5.2018 | Dale Cornish and Phil Julian live at Paloma, Berlin

For more info: Dale Cornish and Phil Julian live at Paloma, Berlin – Facebook Event
Dale Cornish | Phil Julian | The Tapeworm | Entr’acte

CARLY#03 | Matthew Mullane “Repeated Refusals”

Cassette + download – limited edition of 100 copies.

Track List
A1: Selv
A2: Ji
A3: Juxt Apt
A4: Only UI
A5: Kullop
B1: Freit
B2: Gutt Tu
B3: Flag, Bird, Oscillator, Rhythm
B4: Mellich
B5: Vret Nuy
B6: A Single Message

The eleven tracks here are “repeated refusals,” pieces that in their cassette’d assembly are “re-fused” on the tape spool despite their relative differences. They refuse any type of “album” but at their core, what unites them is a steadfast, though mutated, commitment to rhythm. From a blurred syrupy delay feed, warped acid junk, kick drum slaps, hi-hat reverb trails, to the pulse of a flag in the wind. Various genre signifiers and familiar repetitions articulate the rhythm in very different ways but the tape, wound around itself like the vain mirror-obsessed, re-fuses these disparate things, repeatedly.

Vanity amplifies an ideal characteristic over others, covering paradoxes or confusing multiplicities with an aggrandized uniformity of vision. A selfie-taker too enamored with their face to see what’s lurking behind them. Or the disparate sounds layered on a piece of tape, one side touches the other in the spool, but they can never be played simultaneously. The vain tape-head can only focus on the instant like the selfie-snapper can only see their face.

Buy Matthew Mullane “Repeated Refusals” via

CARLY#04 | Yol “Drift”

Cassette + download – limited edition of 60 copies.

Track List
A1: Gold Letters
A2: Amusement Joyride
A3: Fake Hair
B: Inside, The Buildings Are Angry

Found objects/mouth noise/mangled language (Yol is an artist working with)… Vox, junk, sounds: Yol. Some additional sounds on track A1 by Luke Poot. Some sound manipulation/arrangement done in real time using Samplr app.

Buy Yol “Drift” via

SPIRE7 | The Eternal Chord “Semper Liber”

CD - 78:40 - 4 tracks
We are now taking advanced orders for this release

Track listing:
1. Aeternus - you can hear an extract here
2. Perpetuum
3. Immortalis
4. Semper Liber

“Semper Liber” consists of a series of duets featuring Marcus Davidson, Hildur Gudnadottir, Mike Harding, Charles Matthews, Clare M Singer, Maia Urstad and Anna von Hausswolff and are drawn from recordings made at Spire events since 2009. Mixed by its curator, Mike Harding, at the Völlhaus, and mastered by Mark Van Hoen, this powerful 4 track collection - to be played as one piece - explores the sonics of the mighty organ in all its thundering glory.


Performed on the 1893 Schlag & Söhne organ at Johanneskirken, Bergen; the 1967 Karl Ludwig Schuke organ at Passionskirche, Berlin; the Peter Bares organ, inaugurated in 2004, at Kunststation St Peter, Cologne; the 1885 'Father' Henry Willis organ at Lincoln Cathedral; the 1877 'Father' Henry Willis organ at Union Chapel, London; the Rieger organ at St. Stephan's Church, Mautern & the 1897 Johnson & Son organ at St. Saviour's Anglican Church, Riga between 2009 and 2016.

The 4 colour plates by the art historian and author Sydney Russell show cave art from 4 to 6 thousand years ago. Taken in Brazil on one of several expeditions she made around the world, these highly emotional works reveal the sophistication and ageless quality of the imagination of the peoples who were expressing themselves at this time; they have been slow to reveal their beauty to us, having survived all weathers; their acoustic soundtrack unfolds slowly, submersive and involving.

Sydney Russell writes: “These photographs were taken in 1976 in Brazil. We eventually obtained minimum radio carbon datings for levels covering the paintings from approximately 3750-2500 BCE. They originate from the rock shelter sites of Sucupira, (Lagoa Santa) and Lapa do Cipo (Santana do Riacho), near Minas Gerais and Quadrillas (Montalvania), Bahia. Please refer to the website for more information.”

Mixed at the Völlhaus
Mastered by Mark Van Hoen
Photography by Sydney Russell
Artwork by Philip Marshall

Buy The Eternal Chord “Semper Liber” in the TouchShop

WHO#12 | Marta De Pascalis “Her Core” / Howlround “Hard Core”

Vinyl Split LP + WAV download, 2 tracks, 37:15
We are now taking advanced orders for this release

Recorded live at ‘A Can of Worms’, Iklectik, 29.ix.17 by Ilia Rogatchevski. Cut by Jason Goz at Transition Mastering Studios, London, 30.x.17. Artwork by Stefan Fähler.

Track listing:
A: Marta De Pascalis “Her Core”
AA: Howlround “Hard Core”

The shadowy forces behind The Tapeworm are delighted to announce the latest release to come flying out of The Wormhole. On a limited edition split LP two of Europe's foremost exponents of the tape loop go head-to-head, recorded within the hallowed environs of a former Buddhist Monastery – with dramatically un-Zen results.

On one side, Italian composer Marta De Pascalis mixes loops and analogue synthesis to create densely layered collages of glowing melodic shards and growling bass distortion, her hypnotic minimal synth figures warping and whirling around each other before dissolving into entropic oblivion. 'Her Core' is a rusty, sand-blasted slab of heaviness that provides the perfect continuation from her two solo albums – a hall of mirrors collapsing in on itself, over and over.

Meanwhile, Howlround is in full contraction mode on 'Hard Core', heading directly into the murky innards of a quartet of vintage reel to reel machines and using live tape delay to create syncopated rhythmic pulses, crackles and squelches that founder member Robin The Fog describes as 'accidental gabber'. Originally rising to notoriety through sonic portraits of entire buildings, here Howlround dramatically scale down the subject matter to concentrate on mapping out the endless psychedelic dimensions of a circuit board, discovering a whole new world of creative potential in the process.

Both sets were recorded live at London venue Iklectik during the fall of 2017 at "A Can of Worms", an event to celebrate The Tapeworm's 100th release. What's perhaps most remarkable about this LP is that it captures a pair of artists in a snapshot, in parallel. Here, Howlround shakes off the back catalogue, stepping out of the comforting confines of the studio. De Pascalis plays harder than ever before. Both artists taken by a moment, into the harsh glare of the unknown. The fact that each has created their noisiest and most abrasive work yet will surely be seen as a happy coincidence. A can of worms, indeed…

Buy Marta De Pascalis “Her Core” / Howlround “Hard Core” split LP in the TouchShop
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Guerrilla Audio

Guerrilla Audio is a new series of audio raids by Simon Fisher Turner.

noun: guerilla
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.

Each audio edit will be posted for 14 days and then removed from the site, although the information about each guerrilla activity will be archived, but without the audio. There will be two postings per month with the first (also featuring Klara Lewis & Rainier Lericolais) on 1st August 2015, so please check in regularly to listen to the latest offering. We are well into the 3rd year and have just posted episode 65…

Guerrilla Audio

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