Touch Newsletter #162

Welcome to Touch Newsletter #161. UnicaZürn (David Knight and Stephen Thrower) release “Transpandorem”, on 27th January. The duo are making a rare live outing at Café Oto on Wednesday 25th January. Tickets are now on sale at

The Tapeworm’s Bandcamp store, the Bandwurm Minimart, is now stocking the first of its 2017 editions – Simon Scott’s “STUK”, Jay Glass Dubs’ “Dislocated Folklore” and Philip Corner’s “Gong/Ear: Shaman”. These releases will be shipping in January, and are also available from the TouchShop, of course.

25.01.17 | Touch presents UnicaZürn, Café Oto, London

“…like Jacques Cousteau meets HP Lovecraft twenty thousand leagues under the sea.” – FREQ Magazine

Don’t miss UnicaZürn's rare live performance at Café Oto, London on Wednesday 25th January. UnicaZürn’s performance at Café Oto will see the core duo of David Knight and Stephen Thrower joined by Danielle Dax (vocals) and David J. Smith (percussion). Charles Bullen supports. Tickets are now on sale at

Their new vinyl album “Transpandorem” will also be available for sale at the concert; shipping for pre-orders commences next week.

Get tickets for the live show at
Buy UnicaZürn “Transpandorem” in the TouchShop

TTW#92 | Jay Glass Dubs “Dislocated Folklore”

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Illustration – SavX

Track List
A: Dislocated Dub – 29m57s
B: Folklore Dub – 30m26s

Dimitris Papadatos (b.1981, USA) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece. His experimentation in various territories of sound began in 2002 and since then he has indulged in sonic areas that vary from pop music to music-concrete, post-grime and dub. At the moment he actively runs three projects: U, The Hydra and Jay Glass Dubs.

Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.

Dislocated Folklore, recorded especially for The Tapeworm, consists of two 30 minute long tracks that incorporate mainly stretched-out 0‘03” sample recordings of 90s Ragga 12” single intros combined with and recordings of a Quran recitation from a Turkish TV channel and Jay Glass Dubs’ signature hybrid hardware/software set-up.

The title refers to (and therefore is an intended pun of) the misinterpretation of “otherism” “orientalism”, “exoticism”, etc… – phrases often used over the past 100 years to describe a tendency of metropolitan musicologists to intellectualise forms of expression that have a very strong relation to roots, religion and ethics.

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TTW#93 | Simon Scott “STUK”

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies

Track List
A: Part I – 16m40s
B: Part II – 16m40s

“STUK is dedicated to the victims of 13.11.15. As the devastating and abhorrent news of the Paris attacks was breaking I took to the stage to perform with a sinking and heavy heart.” – Simon Scott, 21.01.16.

Recorded live at STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven, Belgium on 13th November 2015. Room recording made on an Edirol R-09hr. Written and performed live by Simon Scott.

Simon Scott is a sound ecologist and multi-instrumentalist from Cambridge, England. His work explores the creative process of actively listening, the implications of recording the natural world using technology and the manipulation of natural sounds used for musical composition. He plays the drums in Slowdive and has recently collaborated with artists James Blackshaw, Spire, Taylor Deupree (Between), Isan and many more.

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WHO#09 | Philip Corner “Gong/Ear: Shaman”

CD – limited edition of 250 copies
Mastered for release in September 2016 by Jacques Beloeil
Collages by D.M. Nagu, October 2016

Track List:
1: Schloß Elmau, June 20, 1988 – 12m50s
2: Trento, July 2, 1988 – 17m27s
3: New York, April 22, 1989 – 35m15s

Philip Corner (b. 1933) is an American composer, musician and visual artist. His teachers include Henry Cowell and Olivier Messiaen. While on military duty in Korea in 1960-1961 he studied calligraphy with Ki-sung Kim and many of his works have calligraphic scores. A founder member of Fluxus, Corner has performed with George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Yoko Ono and Nam June Paik. From 1967 to 1970 he taught the course in Experimental Composition at the New School for Social Research, which John Cage initiated in 1956. He was a member of Judson Dance Theater as both dancer and composer and has written scores for dance pieces by James Waring, Yvonne Rainer, Lucinda Childs and Elaine Summers among many others. He lives in Reggio nell’Emilia with his wife and performing partner, the dancer and choreographer Phoebe Neville. His wide-ranging output includes numerous works for gongs, bells, metal percussion and gamelan orchestra.

Buy Philip Corner “Gong/Ear: Shaman” in the TouchShop
Buy Philip Corner “Gong/Ear: Shaman” on Bandcamp
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Guerrilla Audio

Guerrilla Audio is a new series of audio raids by Simon Fisher Turner.

noun: guerilla
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.

Each audio edit will be posted for 14 days and then removed from the site, although the information about each guerrilla activity will be archived, but without the audio. There will be two postings per month with the first (also featuring Klara Lewis & Rainier Lericolais) on 1st August 2015, so please check in regularly to listen to the latest offering.

Guerrilla Audio

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